Indonezija 30T ultrafiltracijska oprema

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Guangdong Stark Reference vode

Indonesia 30T Ultrafiltration Equipment

Filtracija vbrizgavanja vode oljne vrtine, filtracija vode v obtoku

Uporaba petrokemičnega filtra

Uporaba petrokemičnega filtra

Industrial UF purification equipment at capacity of 20TPH for water with suspended solids and bacteria and virus. With a high rate of bacteria and filtration.

It is a purification, separation or concentration of semipermeable membrane in separation techniques for solution. After more than 20 years rapid development, it has become one of the widest techniques in separation field. It widely uses in food and beverage, chemical electron, biological construction for environmental protection, etc.

Ultra filtration membrane is used to remove suspended solids, colloids, microorganism, bacteria,virus and macro molecule organism from the raw water.It has good function of color removing, oil removing, turbidity removing, COD and BOD removing. UF technology can be adopted under condition of normal temperature and  low pressure with low energy consumption

Indonesia 30T Ultrafiltration equipment-2

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